Friday, 11 July 2014

Mind, Body and Soul.

Look After Yourself Like You Would A Best Friend

Well my first ever blog post!

l want to explain what wellbeing means to me. Mind, body and soul all link together, if one part of our lives is going wrong it can unbalance us and affect all aspects of our lives. By keeping as positive as possible (difficult at times!), healthy eating (cake is allowed :-) I try to follow 80/20 rule), exercising - finding ways that work for us, and creating aims to look forward to and achieve. This is my way of coping and getting through life's trials and tribulations.



Breath in the future


Breath out the past


I start each day fresh... if I have fallen foul of a date with Mr Cadbury's, then I start a new in the morning.

Above is my flower of 'WOW' (wonder of wellbeing), this is my focus and my blog post idea's will link into these area's of life. I am hoping to motivate, inspire, encourage, give tips, help and support for those of us that need a little help in leading healthier and happier lives :-)