Monday, 4 August 2014


Healthy Mind

Tips on how to keep yours healthy!

  • Exercise - get moving - walk, swim, run, dance, badminton, tennis, cycle, yoga, aerobics, zumba, football - just move it makes you feel better. Exercise releases endorphins that make us happy. And what a sense of achievement afterwards!

  • Keep Your Mind Active - challenge yourself with finding new things to encourage your minds curiosity - hobbies, read, socialize, problem solve, write, craft, learn.

  • Go Some Where New - even if you have a very limited budget find days out for free, search your local and surrounding area on the internet for places of interest to you. Check out museums and country parks, use Tesco clubcard vouchers and swap for days out. If you have the budget look at places you would really like to visit and plan your trip.

  • Live Simply - when it comes down to it we need food, water, shelter, companionship and love. Concentrate on these areas of life - eat healthy, make your home a sanctuary, put time into your relationships, think about your work life balance.

  • Relationships - put your time and energy into healthy relationships, make time for people, create and maintain bonds.

Tough Times

When you are going through difficult times, sometimes you cannot just think positive. To help pick yourself up...

  • give yourself time, sometimes we need years to come to terms with things that have happened in our lives.

  • be kind to yourself.

  • cry until there are no tears left.

  • find someone to talk to who you can trust, seek a councillor if you need to.

  • allow yourself to internally work through your feeling.

  • find positive things that do make you feel good and do them.

  • exercise it really does help.

  • make yourself socialize even if you don't feel like it.

Look after your wellbeing - keep active - have purpose - find your joy - healthy foods - connect with others - learn.

I am not a health care professional, I am only giving support through my own life experiences, please go see your GP if you are feeling really low. Find support with the Samaritans.