Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Outdoors


Essential to our physical, psychological health and wellbeing.

So go explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Visit the countryside, local green spaces, the seaside, gardens, parks, horse ride, cycle, walk, run, jog.

  • take a moment to be awestruck by nature, be still... listen... look around... and truly take in the beauty of nature.
  • breath in the fresh air it can give you an oxygen boost that encourages the feel good chemical serotonin.
  • green spaces, woodlands and sea front walks can all elevate your mood, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.
  • vitamin D from the sunlight is essential for the health of your bones.
  • keeping physically and socially active, will help your brain stay healthy.
  • the fresh air and being active will help you sleep better.
  • by keeping moving it can help you lose or maintain your weight.

Hever Castle

As it is still the school holidays, we have been out and about this week. I try to find days out that are interesting and keep us active. One delightful trip this week was to 'Hever Castle' in Kent, England. After getting lost on the way, the tranquil setting with beautiful gardens was just what we needed! One of my highlights was a large slice of coffee and walnut cake, eaten as I over looked the castle! My daughters highlight was the water maze, where she had to jump from step to step with the chance of getting a spray of water with each step, she thoroughly enjoyed this. We also had a go at archery, I even hit the target!

My favourite walk this week was the award winning gardens of Hever Castle, the surrounding lake and beautiful grounds.

Keep moving, get out and about, but most of all 'live in the moment' and enjoy!