Friday, 5 September 2014

Cancer Research

Fighting For Life

Nine weeks ago I very sadly lost a very close friend to breast cancer. She courageously battled cancer for 2 years and 10 months, in her fight for survival she went through a mastectomy, back to back chemotherapy treatments, radiotherapy, numeral lung draining's, 100's of blood tests, blood transfusion, permanent IV line and so much more. Throughout all her treatments she remained totally positive and never complained, even though the side effects for her treatments were harsh. She would ask her consultants to try anything as she desperately wanted to survive. It was devastating to watch my dear friend go from a fiercely independent women, (who would build flat pack furniture in 5 minutes, she would laugh at me saying this!) to during the last year losing the use of her legs and then all her physical strength. Even up to the last weeks of her life, she never stopped being positive, she never stopped thinking of others and her emotional strength will stay with me forever. Her wonderful family were there for her every step of the way, they cared for her beautifully. Her daughters signed up for 'Race for Life' to raise money for breast cancer, very sadly she died 6 days before their race. Showing the same amazing strength as their mum, they still ran the 'Race for Life' on the Sunday after she died. I asked her daughter 'How did you find the strength to do it?', she replied 'It's too late for my mum, but I want to help stop other people from having to go through what mum has been through'. WOW this generosity blew me away. 

So with the inspiration from my friend's daughters and the desperate need to work through my own grief, my hubbie and I signed up for 'Shine Night Time Walk' half marathon 13.1 miles to raise money for 'Cancer Research'.


Keeping Strong

When you are experiencing grief you go through many different emotions. After a massive roller coaster of emotions, at the moment I am feeling 'Life is Short', so I want to be kind, happy, enjoy and experience new things. Remember if you have a choice use it, because one day your choices maybe taken from you. Keep as fit and healthy as you can, you only get one body. Try to keep positive my friend survived 10 months longer than the 3 weeks she was given to live, I am sure her wonderful positive spirit kept her going.

If you are worried about any aspects of your health, please get to the doctors and get it checked out.

Support for bereavement

If you need cancer support or help with grief after losing a love one visit

If you have any questions about cancer below is a UK phone number for support from Macmillan.

For answers, support or just a chat, call the Macmillan Support Line free (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm).