Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fast Food

Takeaway Trap

Say NO to the takeaway!

It does appear that as a society we are consuming too many takeaways! Fast food has become a regular part of life for many people. Take away's are popping up everywhere, sometimes two of the same type in a small row of shops... we must be keeping up the demand for them.

In truth I am not a fan. I think they are a waste of money with little nutritious value, however I do very much see the appeal of when you are exhausted and do not want to cook. So here are some idea's to help cut down the amount you eat.

Keeping it Simple

Have easy to put together meals, so you are not tempted when you are very busy. By the time you have waited for delivery or gone and got a takeaway you could of prepared something.

  • Chicken salad wraps with rice.

  • Jacket Potato with beans/cheese/chilli/coleslaw.

  • Scrambled eggs, toast and beans.

  • Basic cheese pizza's, topped with freshly sliced peppers, tomato's, onions.

  • Pasta - quick macaroni cheese, carbonara, mushroom or tomato pasta.

  • Stir fry with noodles or rice.



My veggies for stir fry add lean beef/chicken/quorn, or add to basic pizza's.


Planning ahead is the key point. If you know you are really busy on a certain day, plan what's quick and easy.

  • Make use of left over's.

  • Get older children or partners to take their turn in the kitchen.

  • Freeze your homemade pasta sauces so you can whip up a very quick pasta dish.

  • Make use of salad's, add potato/rice/couscous/pasta to add bulk making them more filling.


My new potato salad with red pepper, plum tomato, watercress, onions, spinach and cucumber.

If you still crave your takeaway then...


  • Read the horror stories.

  • Find out about the ingredients... what is in it? where is it from? how much salt, fat, additives, calories? 

  • Visualise... really look at your takeaway on your plate, what nutritional value does it contain?

  • Expense, how much are your spending in a year? Could it go towards a holiday? How much real food per take away could you buy?


So if you still need a night off from cooking...


  • Remember portion control, this is especially important if you are eating a lot of takeaways. Is the portion the same size as your regular dinner or have you upsized because its a takeaway? Don't go large!

  • This should be your dinner, not an extra meal.

  • Thick chips absorb less fat than skinny chips.

  • Thin base pizza are better, ask for less cheese and more vegetables.

  • Eat a lighter breakfast and lunch if you know you are getting a takeaway.

  • Chicken shish kebab with salad, has got to be one of the healthiest options.

  • If you have over indulge, move more!