Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Get More Fun Into Your Life

Why do we stop playing like children? Children who have too much access to computers and television forget how to play. As a former child care practitioner I have run many groups for parents and their children to help them learn how to play, because as adults we sometimes focus on the end results not on the process. This means forget the ending... enjoy the doing! This is how to get the fun back into your life!

  • Live in the moment. Forget the pressures of everyday life and the endless list of things to do. Enjoy the here and now, concentrate on what's happening around you. Take the time to play-listen-cuddle-talk.

  • Step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself, however small and do not miss opportunities to try new things. In the past couple of months I have been trying to leave my self consciousness behind, there's no room for it in my life anymore (life's way to short). Two small things I have tried (that I would of usually just let my children do), I tried archery and ended up being a good shot! And I rowed a boat on a boating lake, when usually I would let my hubbie do it, this did turn out embarrassing as I rowed myself and my daughter in circles for the first ten minutes!

  • Enjoy nature, get out and about it's fun, free and gets you moving. Check out my previous blog on The Outdoors

  • Slow down. Look at your pace of life are you happy with it? Are there ways you can make changes to enjoy yourself more.

  • If you have children, play, get messy, laugh, enjoy they grow up really fast!


  • Play music, sing and dance. Singing together on a computer game (our family favourite is 'Sing Star') is a great fun family experience and suits all ages. The power of singing to music (and I have personal experience of this) is I feel deeply underestimated. By singing along you can...

  1. Release emotional pain.

  2. Enhance your mood or release feeling that need to come out.

  3. Be inspired.

  4. Feel positive.

  5. By releasing the emotions through music it can help you emotionally heal.

  6. Relieve stress.

  7. It's fun!

  •  Make your spouse your playmate. I often remember the saying 'those that play together stay together'. Make time for your partner, enjoy each other, make time for sex it not only feels good, its good for you! Be interested in each other's hobbies, exercise together, play games (not just bedroom games - we love scrabble), go cinema or have film nights, go out for dinner or have special meals in. What ever you do make it fun!