Monday, 29 September 2014


Shine Night Walk Half Marathon

Wow! This Saturday my hubbie and me completed the 13.1 mile half marathon through the streets of London. It was to raise money for Cancer Research UK




I took part in memory of my dear friend Lynne who sadly lost her fight against breast cancer at the end of June this year. The atmosphere was buzzing 17000 people taking part raising a total of 5 million pounds! Everybody with the reason they were taking part written on their backs, it was sad to see so much loss but so amazing to see people's determination to raise money for new treatments.


There were more women than men, lots of women in groups of three and four, and then there were lots of couples like us. One couple, the man had written on his back 'I'm missing Arsenal for this' that made me smile... because my husband works so hard and has really pushed himself to train with me. The weeks after my friend died I hit a real low point and I needed something to focus on, I suggested doing the half marathon to my hubbie he didn't hesitate and said sign us up. I thank him because during the training the walking and running it has helped me focus, clear my mind, feel good and grieve, at points I would cry whist I was running.






There were so many people it was slow to start, so we were unable to pick up our pace for the first 45 minutes, but after that we got our stride on! People were of differing ages and sizes, we overtook lots of people and soon got into our aim of 4 miles per hour. We walked all though the streets of London, taking in all the sights. We got to 9 miles very comfortably, then the next 2 miles were not too bad we slowed up a little. Miles 11-13 were the hardest and I take my hat off to people who walked the full marathon. We completed in 3hrs 53 minutes which was good considering the slow start. At the end we were greeted by cheering people and the final steps and finish line were red carpeted and lit up. We were given our medals and photographed.


Thank you to all the wonderful people who sponsored us, we have raised over £400 and its still rising.

We spent Sunday watching films, with biscuits and a take away (best excuse ever!) with family, resting our aching legs.