Friday, 9 January 2015

Let's Get Physical


For me it's all about keeping active, eating healthy and looking after the wellbeing of my family and myself. I do not go in for fad diets or extreme exercise, making long term healthy lifestyle changes is what it is all about.

Building Physical Activity into Your Life...

  • Create your own fitness goals to suit your own level of fitness and build on them.

  • Swap 30 minutes of screen time for activity.

  • Walk, walk, and walk some more.

  • Get it out and use, that piece of exercise equipment that's hiding under clothes or in your home somewhere.

  • Join an exercise class or gym.

  • Go swimming.

  • Find an exercise you enjoy, there must be something!

  • Exercise can be fun and social, find a friend to go with.

  • Put an extra swing into everything you do, gardening, housework, walking etc.

  • If you have a treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer, exercise bike put them in the room you use most, use them while the TV's on.

  • Buy a exercise DVD (pick up some cheap one's on eBay) or have a look on YouTube for some workouts.

  • Leave any excuses behind you.

  • Variety helps, mix it up.



Idea's to help get you and your family moving...

Zumba - Tennis - Badminton - Football - Ice Skating - Running - Dance - Cycling - Yoga - Pilates - Aqua Aerobics - Squash - Roller Blading/Skating  - Wii Dance/Fit/Sport - Swimming - Aerobics - Walking - Twister - Volleyball - Rounder's - Rowing - Skipping - Trampolining - Martial Arts - Frisbee - Swing Ball - Hiking.

Keep Motivated by...

  • Tracking and celebrating your fitness success.

  • Make exercise your new habit.

  • Build it into your everyday lifestyle.

  • Keep reasonable expectations of yourself, start slow and build up gradually.

  • Make it fun.

  • Make time.

  • Keep going, don't give up!

  • Expect ups and downs, if you miss a week or two just pick yourself up and get back to it.

And do not forget to check with your doctor or health care professional before starting any new exercise plan.

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