Friday, 23 January 2015

The YES Diet

Over the last couple of years I have definitely changed my thought processes about food.


I have not been on a diet for 3 years; however I have lost 7lb reducing my BMI of 24 to a BMI of 23 (My hubbie has lost 30lb). Check your Body Mass Index Body Mass Calculator


I have done it through changing my mind set, the minute I think diet my mind says 'panic... food reduction... starvation...' leading to weight lose but then gaining back the weight. So I decided not to go on anymore fad diets, not to rule any foods out, but to eat healthy, consciously, mindfully.

So in my mind I created the 'YES' diet instead of thinking about food limits, bans or foods I should not be eating, I focus purely on what foods I should and can eat. Foods that nourish, fuel my body and taste great.



Put the YES into your diet!



  • YES to Breakfast... natural yogurt, fresh fruit, porridge, wholegrain cereal, peanut butter on wholegrain toast, egg/beans on wholegrain toast. Breakfast Idea's

  • YES to Lunch... salads made with beans, potato, couscous, rice, pasta with lots of added salad vegetables and lean proteins - chicken, ham, sardines, tuna, smoked salmon, houmous. Wholegrain sandwiches/wraps/bagels/pitta loaded with salad and lean proteins. Soup and a wholegrain roll for dipping. Lunch Idea's

  • YES to Dinner... stews, pasta dishes, shepherd's pie, chicken wraps, jacket potato, roasts, fish pie, cooked with or served with plenty of vegetables or a big bowl of salad. Dinner Idea's

  • YES to Healthy snacks... fruit salads/kebabs/bowls, chopped vegetables, bread sticks, natural yogurt/fromage frais, crackers, seeds, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, pop corn. Snack Idea's

  • YES to water... drink to keep you hydrated. 8 to 10 glasses of fluid is recommended each day.



Say YES to...



  • Medium size dinner plate, helping you control portion size.

  • Sitting and taking time to enjoy and saviour your food.

  • Cutting down on saturated fat and sugar.

  • Eating less salt.

  • Trying to reducing the amount of processed foods you eat. Check out my clean eating blog post.

  • Whole-wheat pasta, bread, rice, cereals, flour. Help your fibre intake.

  • All foods! Banning foods makes you want them more, just practice moderation, portion control, limiting unhealthy food. 






Celebrate the fact you have food choices and truly enjoy the wonders of healthy foods.