Thursday, 12 March 2015

Simple Swaps


Healthier = Feeling better about yourself

Changing to a healthier lifestyle is done by gradual simple swaps, how many changes you need to make depends on your starting point. If you feel you want to make changes to your lifestyle then sit down and take a long look at where you are... and think about where you want to be. Whatever swaps you make, make them slowly so you form new habits. Too many changes at once are too hard to achieve.


Tips to Try


1. How ever many cups of tea, coffee, fizzy, squash, fruit juice you drink... cut it by half and drink water instead. This helps reduces your calorie, caffeine, sugar intake but still keeps you hydrated.


2. Alcohol... if you are out for the evening or having a drink at home, follow this rule... for every glass of alcohol, drink a glass of water afterwards. This is great for reducing calorie consumption, saves money, lowers number of units drank, great to help stop the alcohol from dehydrating you... which should stop a hangover. Alternatively try a spritz, I enjoy white wine mixed with a sparkly water.


3. Snacks... stop eating between meals! If you need to lose weight I bet it's not your three meals a day that's putting on the weight. Try this don't change anything else; just eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only snack on fresh fruit and vegetables. Try and eat your five a day.


4.  Go whole grain... rice, pasta, bread, cereals... for instance with pasta add a quarter wholegrain pasta to your white pasta, then increase slowly or stick with a mix of the two.


5. Move more, get off the bus a stop earlier... park ten minutes further from your work (that's 1hour 40minutes of walking you have now fit into your week by parking 10 minutes away). Think what other ways you can get exercise into your life. Swap 30 minutes of TV/Social Media time for exercise.


6. Swap negative thinking for positive. Take on 'my glass is half full attitude'. Find at least three things to praise in everyday.


7. Swap the indoors for outdoors.


8. Try meatless Monday, have one day a week at least without meat. Experiment with recipes.


9. Eat mindfully - if you do over indulge try cutting back the next day or move more.


10. Watch your sugar and salt intake. If you eat a lot of processed foods then be mindful of the amount of hidden sugar and salt you are eating. Swap for real food, know what you are eating.



Tea/Coffee/Fizzy = Water

Breakfast cereals = Porridge oats, Weetabix, Shredded wheat, Bran flakes, Museli

Large portions = Portion control

Crisps = Popcorn (pop it yourself), nuts and seeds

Chocolate = Fresh and dried fruits

Diet yogurts = Low fat natural yogurt flavoured with fresh fruit and honey

Red meat = Reduce your red meat consumption add in a fish day and a meat free day

Frying meat = Bake or grill, let extra fat drip away

Chips = Oven baked wedges or sweet potato chips