Thursday, 9 April 2015

Self Love

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Browsing through Pinterest this week, I came across a very inspirational women Andrea Mattes of Andrea shares her incredible journey of losing an incredible 164lbs, her life and the body changes she has gone through.

I found reading Andrea's blog post - 10+ reason's I love my ugly body refreshing and inspirational, everybody who has struggled with the way they look should read her story. Her journey, optimism and fitness are all truly inspirational. It has made me reflect on my own perception of self love.


The beautiful Andrea Mattes -


Self Esteem

I thought self love was mostly physical, I thought it had a lot to do with your outward appearance. The message is you don't have to be perfect, work with what you have got. Thank you Andrea... for clarity. For helping me on my own journey of self love, it all starts from within... I finally get it! (Hurray!) It's all about acceptance, accepting the things about yourself you cannot change. Changing the things you can. Being a person you are proud to be. Achieving things you can stand up and be proud of.

Tips to Help Build Yours

  • Set yourself small goals and challenges that you can achieve and be proud of. (Organising yourself - volunteering - eating better - exercising - job hunting - job promotion - helping others - de-cluttering - gardening - charity challenge - learning - hobbies etc.)


  • Challenge yourself with something that scares you. Try to be brave and get yourself out of your comfort zone. You will feel great afterwards!


  • Help others... whether it's sharing skills, visiting an elderly person, babysitting, doing a favour, volunteering, being a great parent, do it... it makes you feel good.




  • Don't compare yourself physically or mentally to others. We are all on our own journey's - social media does not help, remember it is a great platform to show off our lives' best bits (best photo's - days out etc), it does not always represent real everyday life. Compare yourself to you yesterday and become a better you.


  • Treat yourself like you would a best friend (my favourite quote).


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