Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Put the Well into your Well-Being



  • Keep positive - A positive outlook brightens the day, if things are bad for you at the moment believe they will change (if they are not going to change - your strength in dealing with them will get better). Keep putting the emphasis on all the good in your life (dig deep if you have to) - focusing on the good really helps give you balance to negative situations.


  • Laugh - A good laugh relieves tension and stress, it increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Laughter can protect the heart; it improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. It helps boost your mood, laugh your way out of a bad mood. Laughter can strengthen relationships it helps defuse arguments - get your giggle on!

  • Start your day the right way - With a nutritious boosting breakfast. I like to eat either loaded porridge or breakfast fruit bowls. It helps put you on the right path for the rest of the day.


  • Pro-active - Taking steps to make your life the way you want it. Live without excuses... should of/could of. Reflect on how your life is, then take steps if you want to change it.

  • Speed up - Walk faster, put an extra spring into your step, put a little extra effort into everything that you do.



  • Love - 'Find Me Somebody to Love' by Queen, one of my favourite songs. If you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life, then enjoy them! I have been with my hubbie 24 years and we still very much enjoy the love we have for each other (making love boosts your happiness hormones!). If you are looking for love, start with loving yourself as when we are feeling strong in ourselves that's when we attract other people to us. Finding Lasting Love


  • Mix it up - Meeting new people of differing ages/different social circles can add variety to your life. Hearing differing opinions and seeing other people's life circumstances and people's take on things is interesting. I have gained so much from my young adult children and their friends, stories that have made my hair curl (lol)... their fresh upbeat approach to life and abundance of energy is truly refreshing. 

  • My Favourite - Learn to live in the moment. Savour life's joys appreciate what truly matters to you.