Monday, 14 September 2015

Food For Thought



This weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix called 'Living on One'. I found it interesting, inspiring, eye opening and humbling all at the same time. To briefly outline - The documentary follows four American students who travel to rural Guatemala to experience poverty by living on a dollar a day. Two of the students Chris Temple and Zac Ingrasci studied Economics at University, and to help them gain an understanding of extreme poverty, they decided to live for two months like the 1.1 billion people in the world who live on under $1 a day. Sharing their experiences as they battle hunger, parasites and extreme financial stress in this award winning documentary.

I found the documentary really thought provoking...

  • It is true - that if all the people in the world with some money/possessions  - shared what they have, we could all end extreme poverty.


  • People are truly inspirational, if you are a kind person it does not matter what possessions/money you have  - you will share your last dollar/grain of rice to help others in need. This was certainly true of a young family in the documentary.


  • There is poverty and then there is extreme poverty (to not have access to the basic necessities of life). To not know when or if you will get any work. To not have enough food. To not have clean water to drink. To not have any money or means to get it. To watch your child just sit still from hunger or to have to send your child to work because you cannot afford for them to go to or be at school. To not have any government backing or benefits to fall back on.


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What Can I Do to Help?

The answer is I do not truly know... but some of the answer lies with helping people help themselves out of poverty. By supporting charities that help people to do this such as   

                  Kiva     lendwithcare     worldvision     givedirect     givewell 

These Charities enable people to start small business, repair their homes and help people take control of their lives in a positive way.

You can also take action by influencing public policy's with your support to help reduce hunger and poverty.

WorldHunger                     Savethechildren              TheGlobalPovertyProject


Whether you sign a petition, join a campaign, donate to a food bank, make a financial donation... let's all do something!