About Me

l want to explain what well-being means to me. Mind, body and soul all link together, if one part of our lives are going wrong it can unbalance us and affect all aspects of our lives. By keeping as positive as possible (difficult at times!), healthy eating (cake is allowed :-) I try to follow 80/20 rule), exercising - finding ways that work for us, and creating aims to look forward to and achieve. This is my way of coping and getting through life's trials and tribulations.



Just a little note to tell you a little about me... I am on a wonderful journey of self discovery. After a hectic few (24) years of raising my three children, looking after my husband, renovating two houses, studying, learning to drive and working, I suddenly find myself with time! After being made redundant, my children grown/ing up, house sorted, I now have the time to discover what I want for my life. Come with me on my journey to get fitter, eat better, be kinder, learn more, and discover new things. Most of all to be happy, live simply, looking after mind, body and soul - that is the Wonder of Wellbeing




This blog is for entertainment purposes, although I strive to provide accurate and up to date information please seek medical, legal or other professional advice if you need to. If payment is made to me for promotion or advertising of products, it will be clearly stated.